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I do not own Five Night's at Freddy's characters, the only characters I own are OCs that will be involved. This is my first fanfic, so it won't be the best on the sight and sorry for any spelling errors or delays. In between every few chapters you will get a little backstory and origins behind the characters, and most will be told from the characters' points of view. Enjoy~


"Oh great, you left yourself out again."

I turned my head towards Mr. Derel, who looked rather irritated as always though calmed down rather quickly as he lightly patted me on the shoulder and guided me back into the building. He leaned me back against the wall and began pulling loose garbage from my joints. I wish I could feel it, the pain I should or would be in with it filling up around my elbows and shoulders. But not all of our sensors still worked, or at least, mine was clogged up with so much garbage I lacked the sense of touch I once had.

"You need to stop leaving yourself in the cold, someone could see you, and while you haven't malfunctioned yet..." Derel sighed, as if assuming I would kill like the others.

"Q-Q-Quit talking to your-your-y-yourself." I smiled, acting as though it was just a normal line in my data base.

He paused, raising his brow at me, "Did you...?" He shook his head, as he made me follow him around the restaurant. The Ice box skate rink was as always in tip top shape, especially Waldo the Walrus and Mamabear, sort of the female foil to Freddy. She was usually found here at the beginning of the day, but centered mostly around the main crew and dining area.

"Hey there b-boss," Paul the Penguin looked up at us, blinking those large black eyes of his. Where he sat was a dried up puddle of what I assumed to be blood and rat's fur, there was even some around his beak.

Derel didn't respond, as he checked off their names off of his notebook. This wasn't chat time, this was Derel's time to make sure everything was perfect.

We went off to the Pirate's cove. The sea dog Sully and sea skunk Sandy laid side by side, pretending to sleep as they always did. They were one of the lucky ones, they never knew what it was like to breath and live like humans, though much more curious then any of the children they would entertain. And after peeking behind the curtain, we found Foxy and Foxina, eyes glowing yellow as they spotted us in the dark. Foxy waved his hook slowly, and I couldn't help but wave back. He looked to be having a bit of trouble moving, his arms underneath his suit must've been awfully rusty. I looked over Derel's shoulder, seeing beside's Foxy's check box he wrote something about bringing in a mechanic to take care of it.

"Oh god damn it, stupid shits caused another mess." Our boss hissed as we entered the kitchen. Leo and Polly Poodle were preparing pizzas as always, though the floor was a mess. It was covered in sauce and flour, and even the table still had greasy and sauce covered hand prints from the previous night.

"S-S-Sorry Mister F-F-Fazbear," Polly said, and I couldn't help but frown at the animatronic that used to be a girl I knew, "B-But we were busy having f-fun with the new security g-g-g-GET AWAY NOW-security-y guard." Hmm, sounds like she's trying to plead again. We all do it now and then, but god Polly usually never stops when around Derel. She acts like he was the one who did it, she's so blind.

"Oh god, you got to her already?" He stormed to the security office, both of us in tow as he went to check.

However when we arrived she was nestled up in her chair, snoring softly with her hat and hair shading her eyes. So Freddy let her live, that's a shocker.

Derel softened at the sight at the portly girl, who woke slowly in the odd position she was sitting. She looked up at us and blinked wordlessly.

"Have a good sleep Ms. Edna?" The boss questioned, holding out his hand to her.

She nodded, yawning softly, though Derel had pulled her up a little too fast, making her fall. She was lucky I caught her in time, or else she could have broken her nose on the tiles. She looked so tired, bags under her eyes and her hair was all messed up.

"A-Are you alright miss Ed-Edna?" I asked politely. The others would make fun of me for acting so kind, said I was the most gentlemanly of all rats.

One again she nodded, quickly getting to her feet, "Y-Yeah, thanks Roscoe..." She spoke as though I was still human. Heh, funny.

"Roscoe, go clean up the dining room, I want to speak with Edna for a moment," Our boss spoke sweetly, though glared at us with his piercing green eyes, "Polly, go prepare pizza for he children,"

We both nodded, quickly going to do our respectable jobs. Once he was out of view, Polly stopped, her ears flopping downward sadly, "I WANNA GO HOME..." She said softly.

I didn't want to admit it, but I did too. I missed my family, and knowing that many others including the main three were once living like us, I'm sure they did too. Lucky some of us were born metal creatures, ignorant to the pain we felt. Not knowing how the aches in our metallic hearts when we saw family members or loved ones visit with their kids, aging slowly year by year. Some of us don't even have family to visit. It was always a pleasure to see those kids who never forget us. Eddie's one of those kids, though she had grown to her twentieth birthday and still is coming. She usually came with these kids she said were her siblings children or younger cousins, never did she come after hours.

Must be scarring to know what we do to unwanted guards at night.

As I swept up the dining hall, I noticed Freddy looking at the left hall doorway, almost like he was waiting for Eddie. He loved Eddie with all his heart, it was natural, seeing how roughly if he was human he'd be around the same age. We may no longer age physically, though mentally yes. He used to love her like a father, then siblings, now it was almost as if he expected them to be best friends forever. He doesn't get it, we're only animatronics. She can't possibly love a stuffed bear. Or anything stuffed for that matter.

Bon Bon and Chica looked at him as though he was crazy, I think we all did. Especially the small metalic sigh he made as Edna came out with Derel, talking about work hazards and what not. She looked at the big bear and smiled, walking over to the stage.

"Uh, I-It's not safe to go over to Freddy, the rules specifically say not to touch Freddy, especially when he's not in roaming mode..." Derel stammered.

Freddy however patted her on the head gently, smiling at her, "H-H-Hey there Eddie, g-good morning!" He chuckled in a deep papa bear voice.

"Hello Freddy," Eddie giggled softly.

Derel scowled as they spoke to eachother as though friends, his face turning red.

"T-T-The childre-ren will arrive so-soon, you best be o-on your way-y before they tra-tra-tr-t-trample you," I suggested, approaching Eddie.

She nodded and gave me a quick hug, "Okay, if you say so!" She said, grabbing her purse. She waved goodbye as she walked out the door.

I bet anyone walking by would have been weird-ed out seeing all of us including Bon Bon and Chica waving back.


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