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Sonally Litter by Caroline263
Sonally Litter
Yup, I kinda like Sonally. They're cute, though I always saw them as a constantly bickering couple that would be romantic every now and then- but quickly go back to bickering. It's like they're saying through their actions 'No way! We tooootttally love eachother! Look! We're holding hands! Now we're kissing!'Applejack - Hurpaderp Still, that's just a small nitpick, Sonally's still a favorite of my Archie Sonic Comic pairings. Anyways, here are my Archie Sonally kids, cause let's face it- who really enjoyed the basic cardboard copies Manik and Sonia are of their parents? It's just a tiny Sonic and Sally with the names changed and eye color swapped!

I'll keep the refs basic and kinda choppy, don't feel like going too much into detail. I may or may not draw them more Sonic Shrug Emote Maybe

Personality-Laid back, very relaxed but serious and calculating.
Skill-Hand to Hand Combat

Name-Hype the Hedgehog
Personality-Hyper, over exhilarated, and anxious.
Skill-Super Speed

Name-Ambrosia 'Amber' Acorn
Personality-Loyal, proper, and impulsive

Name-Rush the Hedgehog
Personality-Upbeat, impatient, and awkward.
Skill-Super Speed

Name-Charles Acorn
Personality-Antsy, humorless, and uptight.
Sonadow X- Visiting Chris by Caroline263
Sonadow X- Visiting Chris
Just Papa Shadow having to deal with an older Chris and his obnoxious way of trying to not 'research' his kids.

So, an original story. By me. I own the characters involved and stuff. So yeah, I guess enjoy!

The soft clicks of heals filled the halls, as a young man walked in the moonlight. He was draped in a velvet cloak, face hidden by the darkness of his hood, all except for a single brown lock of hair. In his gloved clutches was a withered book, pages sticking out here and there and even some mold began to root in the cover. Despite all this however he still walked with good posture, as he approached his destination. The room with the looking glass. The young man sighed softly, as he knelt down to reach the height of the short door in his way. With a bit of effort he wriggled his way through on his elbows, gawking at the sight before him.

In the middle of the room was the looking glass, shining brightly within it's purple border made of the finest crystals. It stuck out in such a small dirty room, though what stuck out more was the boy in front of it. He appeared to be of the same height and stature of the young man, down to the length of their fingers and the way they rested their body weight on their left leg but not their , the boy wore a blue and red sweatshirt, with the hood up and a familiar single lock of brown hair popping out from the shade. Not to forget those jeans stained with dirt and something red no one would not to know what.

"It's good to see you again, Prince Con," The boy smiled behind his hood, holding something behind his back.

"Same with you, Sir Conner," The young man bowed shortly.

"Y'know there's no need to call me 'sir' but I can deal with it," Conner shrugged, as he pulled a bag food from behind his back. Seeing this the royal's mouth began watering, and like a rabid animal tackled Conner to the ground. Bother of their hoods fell, revealing long curly brown hair and not a face- but a mask. One half was black and the other white, a white smile over the black and a black eye over the white. Both wore matching masks, expressions hidden by a permanent half smile.

"Tsk tsk, geez Princey, maybe I should cut my visits short from every two days to every two weeks!" His modern twin laughed, as Con quickly got up, clearing his throat and scratching his head.

"Sorry, I'm just really hungry," He admitted, patting his grumbling belly, "My stomach has made enemies with the native crops here, and when I try making my own burgers I haven't a clue how to grind the meat or slice the cheese," Con paused, tapping the chin of his mask, "-besides, what is mustard even made of?"

Conner shook his hand, handing him the greasy bag, but still held out his hand. "The book, princey?"

The prince nodded, handing him the crimson book. "So, why do you need the link between times spell?"

"Simple, my friends absolutely adore taking on the parts of royalty and elves- they'll freak when I bring our magic to their lives!" Conner squealed, excited.

"Yes- but what if they meet up with their twins from here? We've been connected since childhood and nothing extreme has happened, but with them it might me more chaotic..." Con murmured.

"That's because we haven't seen each other's faces remember? If they catch the smallest glimpse of one or the other's eyes, they might...well, I don't know what might happen,"

"Right, so, keep them away from the looking glass?" The prince tried tapping his finger on the glass, but the mirror simply rippled and his index finger went through, feeling cold and wet.

Conner nodded, "As always," He smiled, putting his leg through, "See ya next time princey!" He blew him a kiss before going through, a small flash of light filling the stone room as he left.

Con simply shrugged, as he unwrapped his greasy burger and took a bite, crawling out of the short door and returning to wandering the halls.

"Clean up in isle 14!"

A plump little figure raced to said isle, clad in a white sweater that slid down her freckly shoulder and a plaid skirt that rode up her ass a bit. Though they were mostly covered by a dark green apron. Her hair was long, some sort of golden mahogany blonde, as her hair stylist described it. Hidden beneath her fluffy bangs were two little brown eyes, swarmed by a herd of freckles. In fact almost every inch of pale peach skin she had was covered with freckles, even places she never thought possible. No one in her family had freckles, though her dad had said something about a distant ancestor who provided the genetics. The short girl whimpered as she stopped in the pharmaceutical part of the store, her little white sneakers getting coated in gunk.

"Tabitha Duncan to isle 14!"

Tabitha groaned a little, as she swept up the reddish brownish goop, "I'm already in isle 14, dammit..." She muttered, shoving the mop back into her water bucket. Some kids had been messing with the medicines near the pharmacy and when they tried eating it, turned out they were allergic and got it all over the floor. Their mom didn't even discipline them or apologize for their behavior, she made it worse by dropping her protein shake into the mix. Then again, Tabitha was a bit too busy stammering and shaking like a macho wrestler was threatening her life, when it was a middle aged soccer mom. Didn't help she wouldn't have been as scared as the wrestler.

"Hey look! It's Tubby Tabby!"

The girl's face turned pale. She knew that nickname all to well. It had been stuck with her since kindergarten. Tabitha turned around, seeing some old chums from middle school. Now I'd say 'from high school', but she got lucky and skipped. She was smart for sure, but coming home every day with bruises from bullies and PE became tiring to her big brother.

It was the richest girl in town- or at least the richest one Tabby had been so far. Her name was Sally. She was around the same height, with long raven hair and porcelain like skin, eyes bluer than the ocean and the sky combined. If that was even possible. She wore a pink fur coat and a skimpy cheer leading outfit, matching with knee high boots. Sal strolled over, her curvy little figure bouncing about as her almost ungodly assets were showing a bit too well. Along with her was a few other cheerleaders, one some redhead the other an exotic girl from Hawaii.

"How's it hanging, Tubs?" She snickered, squeezing the hanging pouch of fat trying to escape the apron.

"H-Hello, S-S-Sally..." Tabitha squeaked, cowering under her gaze.

The prissy princess looked from the goop to the store employee, an evil glimmer in her eyes. The same glimmer in her little pals' eyes.

"Ugh, your still stuttering as always, not much has changed has it?" They circled her slowly.

She swallowed the lump in her throat, "N-No..."

"Well, I wonder if you still squeal as loudly as you did in eighth grade," Sal smirked, pushing her and holding her down into the goop. Tabitha screamed softly, as they used her like a mop to clean up the protein shake puke. Eventually they let her go, sniffling and smelling ungodly. They had their fun.

"See ya Tubby Tabby, nice meet up with you again~" Sal laughed with her friends, as they left with a stolen box of mints and some chocolates.

A large van rolled down the roads of Crest's Creak, spray painted an array of fiery colors on the shiny black surface. Their emblem was a skull with a single snake eye in the open jaw, and above in white was the name of the band 'Snake Eyes'. And inside was said band.

Driving up from was a tall dark skinned woman, half her hair shaved off and the rest hanging low over the other half of her face. She had a few piercings over her ebony eyes, and another on her chin. She wore a grey tank top and a blue and red jacket wrapped around her waist. Same with a character you had already been introduced to, Conner, who was in the way back shining his drum set. The Gothic woman kept one of her tattoo sleeved arms on the wheel and the other reaching for a cup of coffee, which quickly ended up half in her mouth half on her chest. She hissed in pain, dropping the cup and stomping her foot on the breaks, sending the other riders jerking forward.

"Ow! What gives Eve?" Conner whined.

"Spilled my fucking coffee..." Eve hissed, as she rolled up to a small grocery store. She turned to the dirty blonde next to her, resting her shoulder on the car window as if nothing happened. She had a black jacket on, a little red and blue here and there, her jeans ripped up so badly they had to have been stitched back together at least thirty times the past year. "Hey, Audrey," Eve nudged her friend, "Mind getting me some paper towels in there? You can keep the change,"

Hazel eyes met a darker pair, glazed over, "Hmm? Oh sure," She muttered glumly, snatching the twenty from Eve's hand and hopping out of the van. She strolled to the front doors, pulling a strand of her choppy hair behind her ear. Immediately as she entered the store did people froze in place, staring at her. Like she wasn't real, that there was no way they'd be graced with her presence. But, much to Audrey's dismay, she was there. She easily snatched a pack of smokes' from the cashier's pocket, quickly hiding it in the inner pocket of her jacket. The guitarist hummed a small tune to herself as she grabbed a roll of paper towels from some lady while her back was turned, failing to notice it had been taken from her cart. She was about to turn for the check out when she heard some sniffling. Audrey's nose crinkled in distaste, as she went to find the source.

"Could you please shut your kid u-" She paused, stopping dead in her tracks at the sight before her. A plump geeky looking girl -whom you already know as Tabitha- sitting on her rump, coated in a funny red, brownish liquid, bottles of medicine and cough syrup surrounding her. She had a small bruise on her cheek, little tears trailing down as fast as rockets.

Audrey felt a pain in her chest, her heart beating a little faster she she suddenly felt hot and dizzy. Like she had some sort of spontaneous fever. Slowly, she walked over, offering a hand, "Hey short stack..."

Tabby quickly look up, looking so hurt and sad it was like watching a kicked puppy cry. Audrey let out a yelp as the freckled girl clasped tightly on her hand, trying to pull herself up but only managed in pulling her down into the mixture.

She hissed, scowling as she felt it seep through her jeans, "Jesus Christ..." She looked over at Tabitha, already crying her eyes out, hiding it behind her hands.

"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." She wept.

Audrey usually would yell or act all snarky, but the pain in her chest and the constant pounding of her heartbeat made it impossible. So, she patted her on the back, letting out a low chuckle, "Don't worry about it kid, it's just a pair of pants," Audrey said, helping her up. She began unrolling the paper towels a bit and dry off Tabitha, leaving her clothes dry but stained an ugly dirty color, and they felt kinda sticky.

"Oh, t-thank you.." She narrowed her eyes at the guitarist, "where have I heard your voice before...?"

This took Audrey by shock. This girl didn't recognize her? Crest's Creak wasn't a very small city true, but with a reputation like gold, everyone in this town should be able to recognize her in seconds. Though she felt a bit relieved, letting out a low chuckle.

"I'm Audrey Gold, from the band Snake Eyes," She pulled the brunette close by her shoulders, noses touching ever so slightly, "And you are?"

Her brown beauties grew wide as saucers, "T-Tabitha D-Duncan..." She shook her head lightly, snapping out of the slight daze she was in, "Wait, you're from Snake Eyes?"

Audrey nodded.

"Wow, you're music is pretty good, but you may need to hire a new lyricist." She smiled sweetly.

The taller girl blinked, "A what?"

"A song writer,"

"Oh, we write our own music," She said.

Tabitha squeaked softly, "O-Oh, I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to offend- I just f-feel you could...word your lyrics better," She apologized, averting her eyes to the floor. She squeaked once again as she felt thin yet strong fingers grasp her chin, tilting it up ever so slightly.

"Well then, I think I found my new lyricist~" She smirked, "Expect to get five hundred dollars once you've got a new song whipped up cutie~" Audrey gave her a peck on the top of her button nose, before letting go and slipping something into her pocket, "Later, Duncan,"

The plump girl nodded, watching her walk off as she pulled out what felt like paper from her sticky pocket.

It was Audrey's number.

She stared at it for a moment, before pulling out her phone and dialing a different number. "Aaron's gonna flip..." She giggled, beaming happily as she went to the parking lot.

"Okay, so your characters enters a dark cavern, your princess senses danger. A group of orcs approach the princess and your wizard. What do you do?"

Aaron barely looked up from his computer as he just tossed the dye.

"Wizard casts shield, princess uses twig against the head orc," He said, grumbling as he wiped crumbs from his thick bushy beard with a almost equally hairy sausage fingered hand. He stretched his almost comically obese body in the swivel chair, scratching his sweaty pits as he awaited his friend to continue. All he heard were the pages of the role-play guide they printed off of the internet being thrown about. He groaned, moving greasy brown hair out of his eyes as he turned towards the table behind him.

There lay Bartholomew, his acne dotted face red and sweaty, the heat of their basement getting to him as he wiped fog off of his glasses and put his pencil between his ear and flat blonde hair. Something about how small and weak he was made Aaron just adore the geek. He cleared his throat, about to go on when the phone began to ring, causing him to groan.

Aaron sighed, as he answered the phone, "What is it Tabitha?"

"I got a new job!"

He smiled lightly, "Awesome little sis, what kinda job?"

He could heard her rickety car rev up from the other side of the phone, "I'll be helping the Snake Eyes write their music~"

The lard's jaw slacked, wide eyed.


Barth walked over, concern shining in his green eyes, "'Ron?"

He decided to put it on speaker phone so they could both hear.

"Y-You pulling my leg?" Aaron choked out.

"No, I assure you I'm not! Besides, you've been in the basement so long in that chair of yours, I doubt you'd still have a leg if I tried pulling it,"

"Oh my god this is awesome!" Barth cried out, bouncing about the room like crazy. However, the older boy stayed in his seat, biting his lip.

"Hey sis?"

"Yeah Aaron?"

"Promise to bring them over for some beer okay?"

FNAF Icons by Caroline263
FNAF Icons
Chica <da:drawing id="7599120438111947" format="thumb"> Bonnie <da:drawing id="3923974756799638" format="thumb"> Freddy <da:drawing id="2500199255631771" format="thumb">

Free to use


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Journal History

Why are there no male Sirens? I mean, I know they're based off of the greek mythological creatures, but if we set that aside and just look at them as hippocampuses, some questions must be raised.

First I went along with the head canon that they were accidents created by Starswirl, but he's the reason for everything.

Then I thought that perhaps the male sirens had died out long ago and had resorted to mating with the ponies they would lure offshore. Considering males in certain animal categories are smaller than the female, they could also be weaker. Thus their voice could be weaker and they wouldn't get as much of the food they get from ponies' negativity/green fart cloud thingies. So the females would have to resort to stallions or whatever they could actually reproduce with.

That or they just reproduce asexually, I dunno. Just a little headcanon.
I always wondered, what would happen if the mane six from the human world in Equestria Girls came to Equestria? Would they look just like the pony mane six?

I don't think so. I believe that they'd look much more like the ponies/horses of our world but still have the same cute small frames of Equestria. They aren't exactly the same people/ponies, clearly they have their differences. It's like comparing season 1 mane six to season 4 mane six. I also believe they may have slightly different cutie marks. Most likely with Rainbow Dash and Twilight. Magic isn't a reason thing in our world, at least something we can't quite control. Neither can we fly unless in a plane.

Something else I wondered was- if Sunset Shimmer and the Sirens were sent to the human world, what happened to their alternate selves who lived there?

I like to pretend somewhere in Equestria, the human versions of them are somewhere there, whether pony or not, living 'normal lives'. Maybe they'd be social outcasts because they still act and behave like humans, act kinda nutty.

Oh well, those are just some head canons.


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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Alicorn Princess Are You?
What Alicorn Princess Are You?
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