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I do not own Five Night's at Freddy's characters, the only characters I own are OCs that will be involved. This is my first fanfic, so it won't be the best on the sight and sorry for any spelling errors or delays. In between every few chapters you will get a little backstory and origins behind the characters, and most will be told from the characters' points of view. Enjoy~

Oh my god, so sorry for the wait on this. Listen here, I won't be able to post as frequent, and it may take me awhile to update things because with the new game coming out it's a little difficult having my own idea on what the future of this place could be like. So yes, in future chapters I may add more about these expansions from the game, and you can bet that the office part has been rewritten after seeing the trailer. I am sorry if it is not up to par, but I still honestly hope you understand my struggle with this.


"See ya tomorrow!"

I waved as Derel left me with a spare set of keys, and a slice of pizza. While he was an asshole, he was awfully charming, so handsome and generous. Even gave me a few spare batteries and a flashlight too just in case. Getting comfy in my chair I decided to check the first cameras, scratching my belly a little. Bon Bon, Chica, and Freddy were all in place on the stage, and the backstage was empty except for a bunch of different heads and suits, there was even a robot bare sitting on the table.

I shuddered, "Geeze, must be cold..." I frowned. I really was a child, worrying over a robot.

I didn't even bother with the cameras, as I played around with the lights for around five minutes. I then had a little idea. Looking around, I smiled to myself. This was gonna be fun...

Next thing I knew I was dancing out of the hall and down the hall, flashlight in hand and headphones covering my ears. I blasted loud rock music, singing along out of key as I skipped through. I lightly peeked in the closet nearby, seeing nothing but a broom and some cleaning supplies. Next thing I knew I was in the pirate's cove, seeing the curtain closed as always but two newer characters sat in front of the platform. It was a sea green dog wearing a white and blue striped shirt and had his right leg replaced with a peg leg, and a indigo skunk wearing a similar shirt but white and red with white gloves. I didn't notice however as I was dancing that they had stood, beginning to take turns tangoing with me as the next song turned on. The moment I heard the dog humming the tune in a silly voice along with me I opened up eyes wide, seeing we were in eachother's arms.

He twirled be around before I was dipped by the skunk, turquoise eyes glowing in the dark, "Oh mon D-Dieu, wha-a-at is the-e matter mada-dam?" She tilted her head, possibly faking confusion. I let out a loud scream and ran from the sight. On my way I seemed to have found a newer addition to the place, an ice rink. I slipped and fell hard on my face, the ice making it sting as my skin probably turned red. I sat up, wiping tears from my eyes as I looked up and saw another few animatronics. There was a big brown walrus wearing a fishing hat as it pretended to fish for the fake fish below, and a penguin whistled wearing a silver neck tie and gobbling down something in his bucket. Live sardines and mice. My face turned green and I almost puke hearing the cries of the fuzzy creatures. Though before I could it seemed another animatronic had the nerve to sweep me off my feet as a very feminine polar bear with purple eye shadow and blue eyes grinned at me sweetly.

"P-P-Problem Honey-oney-oney b-bear-ar?" She cooed, making me turn red all over.

"Yes, a big one!" I shrieked in response, flinging myself out of her arms and to the exit of the ice rank.

Soon I was around the corner and in the arcade, quickly ducking under a few of the games as I saw a copper coyote and an iron wolf in old western get up walking round. They must've heard me or saw me run in, because they were getting awfully close.

"C-Come on ou-out he-here-re, varmin-in!" The wolf growled in a rough tone.

"Sh-Sheri-if's ord-orders!" The coyote added, as they walked past me.

I sighed softly in relief. What I originally thought as a good idea became a horrible one, leaving my security office was a BIG mistake. But soon I was tip toeing my way out, into the dining hall where all the tables and chairs were covered with streamers and confetti, possibly from birthday parties hosted earlier. I saw the big rat Roscoe, carrying two trash bags in his large hands. He smiled at me, and I lightly smiled back. He didn't seem so bad, at least he didn't try anything as he just walked to one of the emergency outfits, taking out the trash. Once he was out of sight I suddenly felt a pair of hands grasp around my mouth and over my chest. It was a white cat, with pale rainbow colored spots all over him. He wore a black bowler hat and a pair of red suspenders with little yellow buttons.

"H-H-Hey there, p-pretty m-mis-iss~" He had a silly voice, paired up with a city accent, "W-What a l-lov-lovely bosom you have h-h-here,"

I screamed for him to let me go, but his paws muffled my cries for help. What a pervert! Or rather a purr-vert. I kicked and squirmed, but he wasn't as willing to let me run like the others.

"W-W-W-What's up k-k-kiddo?" I looked up, seeing the new Chica staring at me, holding a large pizza that was drooping to the floor, steam rising from the top. I cringed, struggling even more as it approached me. But the slimmer yellow chicken just continued to grin, before the purr-vert finally uncovered my mouth. I wasn't given much time to breath as scorching hot pizza began to burn my mouth. I wanted to spit it out, my cheeks hurting from the large amount of cheese stuffed in, but Chica covered my mouth and stared at me, almost menacingly.

"W-Why don't we s-s-see what's f-f-or-or dess-ser-er-ert?"

Oh my god, I just noticed something. If you look closely at one of the images of the new girl Foxy in the game, you see that an exoskeleton without a mask right next to it. I believe it may be that weird puppet character you see in the kids drawings at the beginning of the trailer.
Hey, guys, does anyone have any advice on how to survive the second night in FNAF? I've been on it for a day. I shouldn't have reset my game ;^;


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Alright, I'm looking for someone who is willing to do a Yuri RP that isn't all about sex and violence. I am usually on most of the week, so it would be appreciated you don't stop replying for five weeks only to reply twice after and then say your bored with it when we just started. Please, I have had so many people give up on an RP right when we start, makes me feel kinda sad really.

I have nothing specific in mind, just a nice little Yuri RP. Send by a note if you are interested.
Yup! I got a little bored, so I have decided to start doing my own top 10s on mostly Disney related things. This first one is my favorite Disney songs. Now, this is all my opinion, so if you have to disagree with one, just comment in the bottom what you should've though would've been a better fit.

First, some honorable mentions~

Be Prepared (Lion King) Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid) = While I do love both songs, I feel they both fall under a familiar problem some songs have. It's where the lyrics are perfect and the singers astounding, but the instrumentals are rather off. Be Prepared doesn't feel as evil as it's meant to be, I used to think it was silly when I was a kid, and Kiss the Girl always sounded sad to me when I watched it. I do admit, they both sound amazing as Accapellas though, but it's just my opinion.

Now, let's start!

Number Ten...

I Got Friends from the Other side (Princess and the Frog) = Though at the bottom, this doesn't make it the worst of all ten. The animation is stunning for the last piece of hand drawn work Disney will ever put into a feature film, something you couldn't do half as good with CGI. I love the bad guy to this movie, he's just so entertaining in this and I love how his shadow actually can interact with solid objects and the sinister grin that just tells you he's no good. Sadly, the rest of the movie is kinda boring and the rest of the music (with the exception of I'm Almost There) isn't that good.

Number Nine...

Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent) = There's not much to say about this one. The most I can say is that it's as beautiful as the instrumentals (which are actually from the original ballet, just like the rest of the music in Sleep Beauty) and I love how chilling it was to hear it at the end of Maleficent during the credits. My only beef with it is that they rhyme once with once. I know they're meant to be in different contexts, but then again I'm just nit picking.

Number Eight...

I Want To Be Like You (Jungle Book) = I always loved this movie since I was a baby, I loved all the characters and the music. But this song always made me feel a little more energetic when I'm down, just like the song itself. It's energetic and wild, and though I'm not a fan of King Louie's singing, he does pretty good. I would've put that song the vultures sing somewhere around the late second/early third act, but It never stuck with me as well,

Number Seven...(This is a bit of guilty pleasure song)

A Guy Like You (Hunchback of Notre Dame) = I know a lot of people are gonna say this is an annoying song and that God Help the Outcasts or Hellfire should be in it's place. But here me out. This is a movie that needs a silly song to up lift it. I chose this mainly because my pure child innocence would've been whining at me for weeks on end, but also because I do truly enjoy the lyrics, tune and singers. Plus I like how they compare Quasimodo to a croissant, it was actually kinda funny.

Number Six...

A Girl worth Fighting For (Mulan) = This is another song you're gonna be saying that should be replaced with Reflection or Be A Man, but I honestly never liked those songs. To me, they were pretty meh, and though I do like Be A Man just as much, it felt too much like a manly montage. This song gives a chance for the background dudes to sing a little dirty about how when all this fighting's done, they just want a lady to go home to. And how Ironic they get some girls in the sequel, which is one of the better Disney Sequels I've seen.

Number Five...

I Got a Dream (Tangled) = I only have a two or three things to say about this. We've all heard a song where the big ruff and tuff men sing about how they're not that bad, but I feel this song does it the best. It's funny, visually appealing, extremely catchy, and may I say this, but I love every expression Rapunzel makes during this song. She is just so god damn cute, seeing these men who her mother told were evil ruffians act completely opposite.

Number Four...

A Whole New World (Aladdin) = Okay, so to make this quick, it's got a pretty beautiful melody with wonderful lyrics and the singers are amazing. But let me make this clear. I am not talking about the cover by what's her name and mr who cares. That version is terrible, and makes it feel so awfully cheesy. The original from the actual movie is pure gold in comparison.

Number Three...

Won't Say I'm in Love (Hercules) = I really don't like this movie, but I love Meg. In fact, I was introduced to this movie after watching Spirited Away, in which she plays as a small character in the bath house. This song is something I listen to when I'm reading fanfictions of certain couples I like, mostly the bad girl good boy ones. Besides, who wants to a admit they're in love?

Number Two...(This is a Three away tie, since I couldn't decide)

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, Let it Go, Love is an Open Door (Frozen) = I just couldn't decide! Do You Wanna Build a Snowman really hit me in my personal way, because I felt a lot like Anna and Elsa growing up. I was constantly asking other children to play with me, but no body wanted to. And soon I finally gave up and decided to seclude myself, because I knew if I made any friends, I'd just lose them and be thrown away like a doll. Let it Go has been spoken to death, it's beautifully animated and the music is just the same, but it makes me feel so good. It feels good to know I can feel good for a character freeing herself from her depression past and becoming the sexiest queen ever. And Love is An Open's just great. I laughed my ass off seeing the cheesy scenes of these two during this movie, and I love how discordant this song sounded, at least to me. They're a bit off key and don't mix well, but it makes since since they literally just met eachother. Love really is an open door...that smacks you in the face.

And Number One...

Circle of Life (Lion King) = This song is just awesome. That enough said.

Agree or disagree? I don't mind  it's all a matter of opinion.

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